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Services and Focus

We solve your business problems using software and technology.


  • Software development / programming
  • Software design / architecture
  • Database design / administration
  • Business analysis / requirements development
  • Technology consulting
  • Software implementation
  • Project management


  • Database: MS SQL Server, Oracle, Lucene.NET, Azure SQL Database
  • Web interface: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Foundation
  • JavaScript libraries: JQuery, Modernizr, AngularJS, Knockout
  • Cloud computing: Azure, AWS
  • Business intelligence / reporting

Business Functions

  • Customer Management (CRM)
  • Inventory / Logistics
  • Accounting / ERP
  • Order processing / Invoicing
  • Regulatory compliance

Our Approach is All About You

Our approach starts and ends with you.

Organizations face many challenges in today's quickly changing, hyper-competitive business landscape. AgileCore would like to be your technology partner as we work collaboratively to explore solutions to your most challenging business problems. When off-the-shelf software doesn't meet your requirements, AgileCore can work with you to design, build and deploy your custom software solution.

We start by getting a deep understanding of our client's project:

  • What are the primary requirements and expected results?
  • What are the major pain points of the current software or process?
  • Who are all of stakeholders? Do they extend outside of your organization?
  • What deadlines are involved?
  • What are the budget constraints?

AgileCore executes on projects using an agile software development approach. This includes breaking up the project into smaller chunks and releasing results to our clients as quickly as possible. This allows all stakeholders to see the progress of the project and also allows changes to be made mid-stream causing a smaller impact on the development schedule while also generating a higher quality end result.

AgileCore is also very focused on developing a strong relationship with our clients. This includes freeflowing communication among the stakeholders of the project. AgileCore software engineers are highly involved in all phases of the development process from requirements gathering, software design, programming and implementation. Our experience indicates that developers who fully understand and are immersed in all aspects of a project, produce a more fully-featured, easy-to-use and well-received software product.

About AgileCore

We are a software development contracting and consulting firm in Vancouver, Washington.

Headquartered in Vancouver, Washington, AgileCore is a software development contracting and consulting firm dedicated to delighting our clients by delivering high quality software applications quickly and painlessly.

Our team is a close-knit group of business-focused software engineers who build well-designed, highly functional systems. We believe a core set of values defines excellence.

Stay client-minded
Understand the client and their business problems first. Make systems from the perspective of the people who use the software.
Be practical
Start simple, iterate quickly and engage clients for feedback early. Fine-tune the solution without losing track of schedule constraints. Don't build a solution for a problem that isn't truly a problem and don't use technologies for technology's sake.
Foster creative problem-solving
Stay open-minded and seek better solutions. All stakeholders should have an opportunity to contribute and celebrate in the completion of a successful project.

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